Blinkies, Sigtags & Pixel Icons:
Gallery: $.50 a piece
Surprise: $.75 a piece
Exclusive: $1.00 a piece (not added to the gallery)

Gallery: $.75 a piece
Custom: $1.00 a piece

How to Order


1. Credit is not an option. If you are using my stuff on Livejournal please credit my community "artbyrel". Hover credit is fine. If you are using my stuff outside of Livejournal please use my website Art by Rel (
2. My Blinkies, Icons & Sigtags are not allowed on any social sites such as myspace, facebook, etc. Please be aware of the items you buy in both the blinkie and sigtag section as I have some graphics not allowed on Livejournal.
3. My Headers are allowed on social sites such as facebook, etc. Please be sure to credit my site when you do.
4. Please always email me before you send payment.


My Prices are located here and my gallery is located here if you're interested in seeing what you would be purchasing.
Please send me a message with your name and what you're intersted in purchasing.


I do not give refunds once your payment is sent to my paypal. I'm sorry for any inconveniences.


Do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions about anything.

My email address is: "[email protected]"