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Welcome to my loved list sign up page. I am currently accepting new members for my email loved list. I opened this new club at the end of 2015 when I left LiveJournal and since this is my hobby I am continuing to keep it open until I can no longer dedicate my extra time to it. If you are still interested in becoming a member of my email loved list it is FREE for a lifetime membership. This means that you can get in on my blinkies, sigtags and icons for the lifetime of my site Art by Rel. All you have to do is read my rules and then follow the instructions below.


I will send out an email at the beginning of each month (no later than the 5th) with how many items (blinkies, sigtags and/or icons) you can request and what date your requests need to be in by.
Requesting each month is optional.
You do not have to request every month to stay apart of my club. You will get an email every month regardless whether you participate or not.
Lifetime means you will be apart of my loved list club for the lifetime of my site Art by Rel.
When sending in your form to sign up please make sure you provide a color from the following choices: blue, green, pink or purple.
The reason why I need you to choose a color is because there are color customizations in my gallery whether it be clothing or an object. The color you choose will be the color I change that customization too. The default color in the gallery for the customizations is blue because I use myself as the examples and my color is blue. Also please let me know what hair color you choose as well: blonde, black, brown OR red.
^ This is mandatory and will help me complete your requests faster. ^
All blinkies, sigtags and icons can be used on LiveJournal unless stated otherwise individually on the graphic. Please do not use your blinkies, sigtags and/or icons on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest or any other social networking site. Please feel free to email me for permission.


After you have sent payment to my paypal please send me an email ([email protected]) with the following:
SUBJECT LINE: Loved List Sign Up
Hair color
Color Choice
Email you want your graphics sent to
LJ username (if you have one)