My name is Orella but I also go by Rel as well.

I have been designing graphics since 2004. I love to make blinkies and sigtags, but I also make icons as well. I love creating graphics because my creations bring smiles to people's faces and I live for that because we all need to smile and be thankful for the small things that bring joy into our lives.

Personal Info

I am thirty-one years old and married to my best friend of eleven years. We have two baby girls, Joy Anne Elisabeth born 12-31-2015 and Barbara Hope Leslie born 01-26-2017 and a beautiful baby boy, Elijah Lee Allen born 05-07-2018. We have two beautiful mainecoon cats who just turned 5 years old. We live in the beautiful rainy PNW (Pacific North West) in Portland, OR and we are very family orientated. My favorite color is blue (#007bff) and my favorite pixel are teddy bears, especially Jen's Buddacup bears.

Created by Art by Rel
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