The following is about why my Blinkies are special:

When I stepped onto the blinkie scene in 2006 everyone made their own boxes and no one sold them. If you couldn't make a blinkie box you couldn't be a blinkie maker. I have made over 50 different boxes before I found my style and still find new ways to create animation inside a box to this day. If you ask me creating boxes is just part of the fun of being a blinkie maker because at the end of the day you can say that that creation is yours.

As the years went by so did the years in Livejournal land and with it the makers changed as well running along the current and one by one each started to sell their boxes. Now a days not many people make their own boxes, and they usually purchase them from sites. But I want all of you to know that I still make my own boxes and rarely use someone else's box for my blinkies. I love getting ideas for new animation for a blinkie box to make my creations look even better. Now I can't say that all the blinkies in my gallery have my boxes attached to them but I can say that 98% of them do.

My signature is placing my boxes in creative places among my scenes. I have never seen anyone else place them behind a tree or in the clouds or etc. They usually always place their boxes on the bottom of their creation and if you ask me it gets so boring after awhile and that is why I put them in creative places. I like to spark the imagination and bring my ideas to life in a graphic.

I use mainly paid pixels in my creations. I love how they are shaded and the creativity that comes out of some people's brains is just so mind blowing. I support paid pixel owners and admire what they do.

The great thing about my pixel gallery is that it is always changing. I'm always rotating out my older blinkies/sigtags to make room for the brand new blinkies/sigtags so that my gallery is fresh.

The best part about my blinkies is that they aren't expensive, yet they still have a uniqueness about them.

God bless!